Checks You Should Make When Looking For The Best Walking Shoes

February 27, 2020

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If you spend most of your time walking, then you know the importance of having the right shoe to keep you comfortable. Walking for extended periods in wrong shoes can lead to painful blisters and give rise to other issues that you would have managed to avoid if only you were wearing the right walking shoes. Whereas there may be no specific shoes designed purely for walking, the features on the shoe you select can determine how good it is for walking. When you conduct a few checks before buying your shoes you stand a better chance of selecting the best shoes to make your walking easy and comfortable.

Weight It is needless to say that a lightweight shoe makes the best walking shoe especially over long distances. When you wear heavy shoes you only increase your chances of getting exhausted fast and such shoes will also weigh you down, making it harder for you to achieve your goals of the day. It is therefore best that you start by looking for a lightweight show and then jump into other features that matter as well.

Flexibility – It is important to remember that your feet will be flexing during toe-off and this makes it very important to select a show that is flexible enough to make walking blissful. To allow your feet to flex and bend properly, go for grooves that are cut horizontally cross forefoot of outsole or at the shoe bottom. In case the shoe you are checking out lacks the flex grooves, then it is only best that you check that the materials used in the outsole are flexible enough.

Cushioning – Low midsole profiles are used on walking shoes considering that walking required moderate cushioning especially when compared to running. This is because there is less impact to the feet during walking that when running, hence not much cushioning is needed. A good walking shoe will most often have the cushioning under the foot base so be sure to check on that.

Breathability – The upper materials used on the shoe will determine how breathable it really is. Walking shoes should have upper materials that are sturdy enough to offer needed support, but also breathable to keep your feet comfortable throughout. Leather shoes may be sturdy but they are less breathable whereas those made from synthetic mesh combined with other good materials tend to be breathable, durable and lightweight too. It is therefore crucial that you check the materials before buying.

Stability – Walking may be low-impact but you definitely will do better with a shoe that offers you better stability. Look for low-profile heel with a bevel on the outer side to keep feet and ankle steady as you walk. The heel should also be constructed in such a way that feet roll through promoting foot strike that is efficient. Shoes that have materials reinforcing heel area offer more stability since they keep the feet snugly centered and in place as you walk.