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March 6, 2020

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The Effects of Corona-virus on China’s Digital Currency

The effect of the Corona virus, which broke out in China’s Wuhan City, is yet to be fully understood and felt all over the world. Since many people do not understand the complex medical terms that are used to describe different types of diseases and ailments, it is still hard for most people globally to comprehend the terms being used to describe Corona-virus Viral diseases are very serious and they always come with heavy consequences on any country and its citizens. They affect a lot of sectors but the ones that bear the most weight are the country’s economy and the health of the citizens Since it affects our bodies the health problems that will arise are very many and this explains the worry of many people across the world. What makes the disease a global challenge is that there is no cure that has been established nor is there any vaccine to avoid contracting it. It is even more worrying to note that the disease is easily transmitted from one infected person to another. Neutralizing and avoiding future infections from Corona virus is very hectic because of its complex nature and the fact that it is a highly transmittable The Corona virus will negatively affect the Chinese economy due to the decisions that the government have been forced to make in order to control the spread of the epidemic

Authorities have been driven to make certain decisions to try and regulate the disease. People movements have been affected as a measure to combat the epidemic. Cities have even been on close down for instance the Wuhan City where the outbreak was initially reported. Experts note that the implications that come with closing down business districts and cities are very serious. Given the time that some areas have been on close down the economy of China must be suffering greatly Effects of the virus will only worsen the already difficult economic situation. Since the epidemic was reported the economic activities have declined There has been a lot of economic growth in China which has led to the government seeking to introduce the digital currency in recent times. All this plans will be interrupted by the epidemic that broke out in Wuhan December 2019 The Chinese dream in the past decade has been to go digital with the Yuan in the international markets. This has been seen as the best solution for the dollar dominance problem

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