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April 17, 2020


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How to Choose the Best Physical Therapy Clinic in Addison

Very many employers deal with workplace injuries every year and this is one of the nightmares that everyone wants to resolve. In 2018, private industry employers reported that there were more than 2.8 million nonfatal workplace injuries. This will definitely cost you as an employer and more so it will also be painful for the employee you cannot work because of such injuries. Most of these nonfatal workplace injuries are known to result from repetitive motion injuries, material handling injuries, motor vehicle accidents and even falls. In the worker’s compensation, this is a very important matter, but the most important question that you should answer is where you turn to when you are dealing with such injuries. The only hope is the physical therapy clinics in Addison that you can work with.

One of the most important things to consider when you are looking for physical therapy clinic is if they accept the state and federal workers’ compensation assistance. You might also want to know more about the clinic especially when it comes to providing workers compensation services, free case management as well as claim assistance. You can definitely benefit from a lot of support from the physical therapy clinic because you are very many other projects and issues to think about and having the peace of mind to focus on that is very important. Seek to understand if they can provide you with assistance when it comes to handling different areas including the Department of Labor, US office of personal management disability evaluations, the commercial insurance claims and many more.

It is also wise of you that you can seek to know more about the quality of treatment, the injured employees will get from the physical therapy clinic. This is because at the end of the day you want them to return to work as soon as possible knowing that their work is very essential to fulfilling your goals. This is why you might want to look carefully at some of the diagnostic and treatment options that every employee is given as well as the are participating in the work-related injury program. Employees that participate in this program, for example, can be able to access some options like diagnostic x-ray and ultrasound, chronic pain management, physical medicine and massage, acute and chronic pain management, upgrade of medical conditions, quality evaluations, letters of medical necessity and many more.

You also want to consider the quality of the staff the physical therapy clinic has. Be sure that they have the best physical therapist, chiropractors, medical doctors, massage therapist, pain management doctors and many more for quality treatment. Having such a team ensures that the injured employee will get the necessary attention.

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