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July 2, 2020

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Controlled Parking: Why Gate Access Control System Is Essential in a Parking Lot

The number of car owners is growing day by day, and this has contributed to massive traffic jam in major highways. Another issue contributed by many cars is crowding in parking areas. The perfect solution to overcrowding in parking areas is installing a gate access control system. If you get into many commercial complexes and malls, you will find a gate access control system that monitors entry and exit of cars in the parking areas. Gate access control systems are usually automated hence no need to hire someone to give instructions to the car owners. Here are some of the benefits associated with the use of a gate access control system.

Most of the parking lots experience huge traffic as some car owners tend to spend several hours in the occupied space. Also, delays are common at the entry and exit points especially if the instructions are provided by an individual. An automated parking control system makes controlling traffic at the entry and exit point simple. The fact that the barriers are automated means that car owners will not waste time getting out the car to gain entry into the parking area. Ensure that you choose a gate access control system that has automated barriers.

Apart from traffic, security should be one of the reasons to consider when setting up a parking lot. Security is boosted with an automated gate barrier because of the CCTV cameras that can be used to check and monitor the entry of cars. In some of the entry control systems, you will find a piece of equipment that will only allow the barrier to open if the car owner enters a code or pass card. Only authorized individuals will have access to the parking lot. It, therefore, means that security issues such as theft and terrorism will be effectively combated.

Flexibility is the other reason why you should adopt a gate access control system. If you have individual needs regarding a parking lot, you can customize the parking system. For instance, if you have private land that you want to prohibit unwarranted access, you can use an automated barrier. Some of the gate access control systems have a license plate reading technology which helps in boosting security of a parking lot. It will be easy to tell the people who enter and leave the parking lot. If you want to limit the number of hours that someone spends on a parking lot especially in crowded places such as malls, you can set a parking fee that is dependent on the duration.

No doubt, it is easy to organize and coordinate a parking lot if you have gate access control system.

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