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Top 4 Winter Wedding Dress Shopping Tips For A Glowing Bride-To-Be

Winters are a delightful backdrop for a fairytale wedding. Unfortunately, without a strategy in place, you would be beaten down by the harshness of the weather. However, the following tips are designed to give you a strong edge – keep you warm without compromising at all on your bridal look.

Dress according to the venue choice

Winter or fall wedding dresses will depend hugely on the choice of venue. Indoor weddings in temperature-controlled venues will allow you to choose sleeveless or strapless styles. You can also go without heavy winter accessories. Wedding dress materials can also be lighter with satin and chiffon being the most popular. However, if you choose an outdoor wedding, your entire strategy needs to be different. You will need heavier material or even consider heavy embroidery on the material. You will also need accessories to keep you warm during the ceremony.

Couture inspirations

If your budget allows spending on an haute couture dress, you should talk to designer outlets and check for seasonal discounts they offer. If your budget does not allow for couture, you can still use them as your inspiration for techniques, styles, and materials.

London fashion show couture line – the most recent launch of Fall/Winter bridal collection in London featured dresses inspired by Le Corbusier. You can use their line as inspiration with futuristic silhouettes for the dress. Column dresses were a big hit and adding side panel embroidery can make the dress the ultimate romantic piece.

Paris bridal couture line – The recent line took their inspiration from pre-Raphaelite styles and roman goddesses. You can be inspired from this line – use non-embroidered gowns with flowing cap sleeves. The material can be heavier to carry out the structured silhouette.

Milan bridal couture line – The recent line took inspiration from styles of various centuries. You can take their fashion as inspiration – use non-embroidered gowns with a sleeveless bodice and a round but high neckline. Use the dress as your canvas to showcase heirloom jewelry or antique accessories.

Tips on styling for winter brides

You can use the winter colors of ivory, blue, and silver as your makeup palette colors. You can also add various shades of red or brown, keeping with a warm tone to bring out the colors of the winters. This can extend to your wedding theme as well. Use layers of fabric for your dress, to create a dramatic flair while adding some thermal protection. Red floral embroidery can be a stunner against the winter backdrop, use it well on bridesmaid dresses or groomsmen’s jacket pockets.

Winter accessories to compliment the dress

Accessories for a winter wedding should serve a dual purpose of highlighting the entire look while also providing a bit of protection. Invest in a fancy jacket that compliments your wedding dress in both silhouette and tone. You might skip this in favor of a draped shawl or even fur. Wear thermal leggings underneath the dress if the venue is outdoors. Also, invest in designer wedding gloves (preferably in white or ivory). You can add a stole to your outfit, in materials of pure silk, or velvet to give your entire looks a rich appeal.

The author is an expert in the field of bridal fashion and continues to follow latest couture trends zealously. In this article she provides Winter wedding dress shopping tips for the autumn and winter brides.

Tips You Should Consider When Buying Jackets for Women

February 27, 2020

Fashion Style

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If you are a woman, your wardrobe can’t be complete without a beautiful jacket that suits your style. Nowadays, you can look for the right jacket without any problem as they come in many styles, colors, and sizes. Given below are a few tips to help shop for one more easily.


As said earlier, jackets for ladies come in loads of designs and each type is designed for a certain purpose. So, one design may not be the choice of everyone. As a general rule, if you are a young woman or you are young at heart, we suggest that you go for a waist-length good quality biker jacket. The good news is that they can be found in many harming colors. Among most girls, short but skinny bomber jackets are quite popular. Denim jackets are also popular.

Winter jackets

If you have been looking for cold season jackets, it’s a good idea to opt for thigh length or hip length types that come with hoods. These hoods are in line with the faux fur trims. The majority of them feature a comfortable layer of a comfortable sheepskin-effect fleece for extra warmth in winter. Aside from this, you can choose overcoats, quilted, blazer or duffle jackets, just to name a few.


Based on your own taste, you can go for a classic or modern product. It can also be a combo of both. If you are buying online, you can read the description of each style to find out if a product meets your needs.

Embellishment details

Typically, a jacket that features two pockets on the front and a full-length zipper enclosure is not in fashion these days. Ideally, you may want to choose one that can give you some modern features. For instance, it should include inner pockets, buttons, double-layer collars, ribbed cuffs and toggle closures, just to name a few.


While you can put on a loose one, make sure it’s not too big. Moreover, it’s important that you choose one based on your body shape and size. A standard size will be a good choice if you have a small frame. On the other hand, if you are tall, make sure you pay heed to the sleeves of the jacket. So, you can go for a medium, large or extra large size.


You can find coats for women that come in many colors. Generally, women should look attractive and beautiful, and that is what they can achieve with colors. As far as choosing color is concerned, you can go for white, grey, orange, maroon, pink, yellow, olive, green, purple, black, blue or navy.

Hopefully, you can get your hands on the best jacket by following the tips given above.

Checks You Should Make When Looking For The Best Walking Shoes

February 27, 2020

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If you spend most of your time walking, then you know the importance of having the right shoe to keep you comfortable. Walking for extended periods in wrong shoes can lead to painful blisters and give rise to other issues that you would have managed to avoid if only you were wearing the right walking shoes. Whereas there may be no specific shoes designed purely for walking, the features on the shoe you select can determine how good it is for walking. When you conduct a few checks before buying your shoes you stand a better chance of selecting the best shoes to make your walking easy and comfortable.

Weight It is needless to say that a lightweight shoe makes the best walking shoe especially over long distances. When you wear heavy shoes you only increase your chances of getting exhausted fast and such shoes will also weigh you down, making it harder for you to achieve your goals of the day. It is therefore best that you start by looking for a lightweight show and then jump into other features that matter as well.

Flexibility – It is important to remember that your feet will be flexing during toe-off and this makes it very important to select a show that is flexible enough to make walking blissful. To allow your feet to flex and bend properly, go for grooves that are cut horizontally cross forefoot of outsole or at the shoe bottom. In case the shoe you are checking out lacks the flex grooves, then it is only best that you check that the materials used in the outsole are flexible enough.

Cushioning – Low midsole profiles are used on walking shoes considering that walking required moderate cushioning especially when compared to running. This is because there is less impact to the feet during walking that when running, hence not much cushioning is needed. A good walking shoe will most often have the cushioning under the foot base so be sure to check on that.

Breathability – The upper materials used on the shoe will determine how breathable it really is. Walking shoes should have upper materials that are sturdy enough to offer needed support, but also breathable to keep your feet comfortable throughout. Leather shoes may be sturdy but they are less breathable whereas those made from synthetic mesh combined with other good materials tend to be breathable, durable and lightweight too. It is therefore crucial that you check the materials before buying.

Stability – Walking may be low-impact but you definitely will do better with a shoe that offers you better stability. Look for low-profile heel with a bevel on the outer side to keep feet and ankle steady as you walk. The heel should also be constructed in such a way that feet roll through promoting foot strike that is efficient. Shoes that have materials reinforcing heel area offer more stability since they keep the feet snugly centered and in place as you walk.

6 Tips on Buying a Handbag

February 27, 2020

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Handbags are becoming a status symbol now-a-days. The more expensive brand you buy, the more comfortable the fabric feels, the more is the satisfaction derived out of it. But there are certain points which you must keep in mind before purchasing the handbag of your choice as these tips can save you big time.

Portable and durable

A purse or a handbag is purchased for keeping the essentials of daily usage. It is used to carry those essentials with you without any trouble. Make sure that the seams, zips and the strips of the bags are properly stitched. This will ensure that the bag will go on a long way to be with you or else it can leave you troubled if it malfunctions in the middle of your working life.


A number of colors are available to be chosen from the handbag point of you. You cannot go for purchasing any random color which pleases you. You should consider the color because it should go with your image, your dress as well as your taste. A dark color will save you washing or dry cleaning it while a light color can make you wash it every week. Some light colors are pretty whereas some dark colors are worth purchasing. Go along with your purchase and choose the color which gives the most pleasing feel.


The different types of styles are in vogue. You should choose the style according to the requirements. A college girl may find various zips in a handbag useful for keeping make up products, tissues and lunch in separate zips whereas office going girl would not like that much zips as it can be cumbersome to find the things at the right time.

Worth or not?

There are handbags which are costly and some cheap. But it is imperative upon the person buying to consider the worth of the product. The cost you are paying should be equivalent to the handbag you are purchasing.


The size of the handbag is determined on the basis of usage of the handbag. The handbags can be big and can be relatively small in size. It depends upon the type of use, it will be used for. If you want a number of essentials to be kept then the size should be big but in case you want to keep it for party purposes then it should be small or a clutch will suit you.


The quality is determined by the material used in making the product. All the good brands use a product which is worth going on for a long time. Usage of artificial and fake material should be avoided. Proper knowledge of understanding the fairness of material is also necessary, otherwise you can be cheated by the vendor. Explore the opportunit